Washington Building

The 1904 Washington Building was built as a hogshead storage warehouse of slow-burn mill construction consisting of nine two-story bays.

Initial renovation work included providing analysis to demolish Bay 3 (to provide a location for the South Parking Deck). Inspections were then conducted on all the wood beams, columns, and flooring to determine which areas were structurally suitable and which areas needed replacement due to water damage, rot, etc.

After inpections and analysis, modifications were made to the existing floor slabs to allow for the installation of elevators and stairs in every other bay of the remaining eight bays.

Ramps and exit stairs were designed to go on the west side of the buildings, allowing access to Carr Street. Upfit work has included designing support for skylights, cooling towers, and lintels for new openings.

Washington Building 1

Washington Building 2